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Replico Fibreglass Motorcycle Products
Price List

Web posted prices are subject to change.

All prices are in Australian dollars and includes 10% GST.

Please note all of our panels are now finished on back with surface tissue
for a non-fibreglass look. This gives a high quality almost smooth finish.

Model Year(s) Item
KR1 250 & S Side Covers $200ea
KX250/500 93-9593-95Radiator covers $400ea
Rear guard $440
ZZR250 Top Fairing $400
GPZ600R Side Covers $360ea
Z650 Side Covers RH $360 LH $360
Seat base $700

Z1900 / Z900 (specify model)
 Sidecovers $360ea
Front Guard $440
Z1 Chain Guard $540
Tailpiece $720 with tool tray
Rear shorty guard $360
Rear inner Guard $360
Seat base $700
Z1000 ST Seatbase $350
Z1000 MKII Side covers LH $180 RH $180
F/Guard $200
Seatbase $350
ZIR1000 MKI/MKII Bikini Top $270
Side Covers $180ea
Seat base $350
Z1000A - 197777Seat Base $350
Tail Piece $360
Rear Shorty Guard $180
Rear Inner Guard $180
Side covers $180ea
GPZ1100 B2 / 1000J & Eddie Lawson Bikini Top (incl screen) $500
Rectangular H/Light
Side Covers $180ea
Tail Piece $240
Also 200mm Longer 'Drag' Tail $360
Triples S1-S2-S3 Oil pump cover $120
S1-S2 Side covers F/glass $160ea
S1-S2 Seatbase F/glass $350
S1-S2-S3 Magneto Cover $150
Triples H1A LH frame cover F/glass $160
H1D Inner rear Fender $280
H1-H2 Oil pump cover $120 f/glass
H1-H2 Magneto cover $150 f/glass
H2A Frame covers $160ea F/glass

Add approximately $20 to $50 for delivery in Australia depending on the size and location.

Click here to use the Personal Currency Assistant
to convert Australian dollars to other currencies.

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Replico Fibreglass Motorcycle Products