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Replico Fibreglass Motorcycle Products
Price List

Web posted prices are subject to change.

All prices are in Australian dollars and includes 10% GST.

Please note all of our panels are now finished on back with surface tissue
for a non-fibreglass look. This gives a high quality almost smooth finish.

Model Year(s) Item
K100 BMW $400 + trim.
K1100 BMW $400
900S2 Ducati $380
ATC70 K1 $350 (with mounts)
ATC70 K4 Honda $160
XR75 K0-K3 Honda $180
CB350/4 Honda $350
CB400/4 Honda $350
CB750 F1/F2 Honda $350
CB750 K2/K6 Honda $350
CB750 K7 Honda $350
Z1/Z900 Kawasaki $350
Z1000A Kawasaki $350
Z1000ST/MKII Kawasaki $350
Z1R MKI & MKII Kawasaki $350
S1-S2 Triples Kawasaki $350
GS650G Katana Suzuki $350
GS750 B/C Suzuki $350
GSX 750/1100 T/X Suzuki  $350
GS850 &GS1000 $350
XS650B/TX650A Yamaha $350
Wave Runner LX650 Yamaha $500

Add approximately $20 to $50 for delivery in Australia depending on the size and location.

Click here to use the Personal Currency Assistant
to convert Australian dollars to other currencies.

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Replico Fibreglass Motorcycle Products