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Replico Fibreglass Motorcycle Products
Price List

Web posted prices are subject to change.

All prices are in Australian dollars and includes 10% GST.

Please note all of our panels are now finished on back with surface tissue
for a non-fibreglass look. This gives a high quality almost smooth finish.

Model Year(s) Item
LT50 Quad Front Body $500
Rear Body $500
Front Fork Cover $160
RM80Z,D,E Side Covers $140ea (Yellow Gelcoat)
DR250S Side Covers $180ea
TM250 K/L Side Covers $180ea
F/Guard $120
TM400 K/L Covers $180
F/Guard $120
GSX600F (88-96)88-96See GSX750F List

 Sidecovers $180ea

GS650G 'Katana'
 Seat Base $350 (seat base only fits 'X' model 47700 prefix - NOT 34310
SV650 (03 - 05) Hugger $330 (black) Sidecovers Carbon $400pr . Also fits SV1000',
GS750 B,C Seat Base $350
GSX750ET/EX Seat Base $350
Side Covers $190ea (Same as 1100ET/EX)
GSX750SD/EFE Side Covers $200ea
GS850GZ-D Side Covers $180ea (Same as GS1100GZ & GK)
GS850/GS1000 Seat Base $350 Early C/N or Late (ET/ST) specify
GSX1100ESD / EFE Side Covers $240ea
GSX1100GZ-GK Side Covers $180ea
GSX1100SZ/D 'KATANA' (81-83)81-83Scoops $180ea
Side Covers $180ea
GSXR1100W,P (1993) Side Frame Covers $140ea  $400pr carbon
GSXR1100R,S,T,U,V (1994->) Side Frame Covers $140ea $400pr carbon

Add approximately $20 to $50 for delivery in Australia depending on the size and location.

Click here to use the Personal Currency Assistant
to convert Australian dollars to other currencies.

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Replico Fibreglass Motorcycle Products